Experts In Building Custom Built Gunite Pools In Nashville

Trust us, your Nashville backyard needs a custom Gunite swimming pool. Since they can be custom designed to a tee, formed into any size or shape you desire, and built to include sleek curves and attractive extras, custom gunite pools are by far one of the most popular choices for homeowners for obvious reasons. As far as design and installation goes, Basin Pool Designs exceeds all expectations when it comes to custom gunite swimming pools as we specialize in their design, installation, and everything in between. Keep reading to learn more about gunite swimming pools and why they are one of our top recommendations for clients in the Greater Nashville area.

Why Gunite Swimming Pools?

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind look for your backyard oasis, a gunite swimming pool is definitely the way to go. For starters, a gunite swimming pool’s framework includes a grid of rebar to provide maximum strength, which is customized to fit into the individual pool’s design. The gunite is then sprayed on with a shotcrete hose in order to provide you with the strongest in-ground pool possible.

Another reason that gunite pools are so popular is because they offer endless options for extravagant customization including flushed or raised spas, stone grottos, zero gravity entrances, raised beams, and the awesome negative edge spillover. Colored plasters, rock textures, pebble surfaces, and luxury polished glass, as well as underwater lighting and in-floor cleaning systems are also very compatible with gunite swimming pools, but so are lots of other design features. The possibilities are endless because of the way they are built!

What’s Involved In Building A Gunite Pool?

Before the ground is broken, one of our expert pool designers will work with you to determine if a gunite pool is the best option for the terrain that lives in your Nashville backyard. Once the plans are good to go, the area will be marked to ensure that no underground pipes are affected during constructions. We will then triple check dimensions and grading before next digging out the excavation, installing plumbing, performing a pressure test, and installing the rebar grid which runs along the pool’s floor and walls.

Gunite will then be pneumatically applied, benches and nooks will be hand-sculpted before the pool cures, and then any electrical work will be installed. Next, it’s time for back-filling, installing decking, coping, tile, and all visual features. Finally, your interior pool finish will be applied and your custom gunite pool is ready for a big splash!

If all of this sounds like a bit much, let us reassure you that our expert team will be handling your project from start to finish. Let us help you make your custom gunite pool dreams come true in Nashville!


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Nicholas Buchholz in Franklin, TN on Houzz Nicholas Buchholz in Franklin, TN on Houzz
Nicholas Buchholz in Franklin, TN on Houzz Nicholas Buchholz in Franklin, TN on Houzz Nicholas Buchholz in Franklin, TN on Houzz
Nicholas Buchholz in Franklin, TN on Houzz Nicholas Buchholz in Franklin, TN on Houzz