Custom Pool Design-Build Process

“The details are not the details. They make the design.” – Charles Eames

Step 1: Design

At Basin, our favorite part of our business is when we get to help our clients design the watershape of their dreams.

From the initial consultation to design completion, Nick will decipher your vision to create a balanced space that not only has a zenful feel, but has the intuitive vision to design with function as a guiding goal. We look forward to creating a cohesive, balanced, and inspired space that you, your family, and your colleagues can enjoy any time of the year.

Basin’s design concept renderings are accurate and detailed, allowing you to visualize and refine your project before breaking ground.

Bespoke Design: The Basin Difference

At Basin, we are proudly a custom pool design + build firm, meaning that we can help you create the backyard of your dreams from start to finish. Because we are your one-stop-shop for all of your backyard oasis needs, you are able to avoid the pitfalls that arise when working with separate design and build firms.

Often times, when designing a pool, firms that are strictly focused on the build phase will have you meet with an architect or designer to develop the blueprints for your backyard. While their designs are beautiful, many architects are unaware of landscape building regulations, resulting in designs that are unable to be built properly, thus creating an unrealistic expectation for your pool.

At Basin, our in-house designers and draftsperson will work with you to create a beautiful backyard that is able to be built to completion. Our in-house draftsperson will take your ideas and renderings to create a working construction drawing- keeping you in the loop the entire way. Once a draft has been created, it will be sent to you for approval and will include a list of the locations, measurements, and materials that will be used.

Design Renderings Gallery

The Design Phase

At Basin, our Design Phase is the first and most important phase of our building process, as it is the foundation of everything that we create. Below is a layout of our typical design phase, which is focused on creating the best and most effective outdoor environment for your home.

i. Getting Started

Upon contacting Basin, we will ask you to provide us with some general information about yourself, and about what your wants and dreams are for your outdoor environment. We will then set up an initial consultation between you and one of our designers, and your design journey will be underway.

ii. Designer Consultations

Designer Consultation 1

  • This is when you and your designer map out exactly how your dream pool looks and feels
  • Your designer will provide you with an estimated budget per your conversation
  • You will be provided with educational materials for the plumbing, equipment, and structure of your pool
  • Your designer will take the notes from your meeting and design your outdoor living space using a 3D modeling program

Designer Consultation 2

  • Your designer will go over the 3D model plan with you and discuss any changes
  • A final budget will be provided, and a deposit will be made

iii. Pool Forms

Freeform Pools

Create a natural looking backyard that makes you feel as though you are escaping reality with a Freeform pool. Freeform pools allow for an extreme amount of variety and creativity and work very well in naturesque areas. Many things are to be discussed when requesting a freeform pool but generally, we follow the same practices throughout. Making sure that the lines of the vessel compliment the topography of the land and the architectural features of the home and property.

Straight Line Pools

A Straight Line pool offers a simple, sleek, and timeless design style that will complement both classical architectural home designs as well as newer more modern design trends. The straight lines allow for the pool to be easily cleaned and maintained as there are fewer areas of reduced circulation. These straight line pools can start with the simple but provide a perfect palette to add Lautner Edge Details, Perimeter Overflow Spas, and some technical water in transit features.

iv. Permits & Documentation

What will we need from you?

In order for Basin to provide you with a smooth construction process, we will need access to all site plans, documents, and permits for your house. We will need to get approval from the city before we are able to begin construction, so having these documents ready will ensure a speedy and hassle-free process.

If you are unaware where the utility lines are located on your property, please call 811.

Please be able to provide the following documents to your designer:

  1. Site plans
  2. Water lines
  3. Power lines
  4. Property permits, etc.

Basin will then be able to obtain approval on any building permits or documents needed from your county to start construction on your pool- thus beginning the Build Phase.

Step 2: Build

At Basin, we believe a beautiful design requires detailed construction using quality materials.

There are many different steps in designing, constructing, and building a pool. At Basin, each step is carefully carried out to ensure the highest quality product for you and your family.

Premium Build: Another Basin Difference

Enhancing the overall feel and livability of your home is important to most homeowners. There are several ways to achieve this, and we understand that there are many options to choose from. We have been building gunite swimming pools for over a decade and truly feel that there is no better way to make your home look and feel more inviting than by transforming your backyard into an oasis through creating the swimming pool of your dreams.

At Basin, our client’s satisfaction is what’s most important to us. In an effort to provide the best quality product for our customers, we exceed many industry standards in our building process, ranging from the chemical-free materials that we use to the steps that we take.

Our excavation specifications include vertically excavated walls and flat floors with a steel rebar shell that’s designed and engineered specifically for your soil to withhold the unique load and stress of your pool. This creates safer, more enjoyable swimming pool that exceeds industry norms and regulations.

Building In Progress Gallery

The Build Phase

i. Pre-Site Inspection

1. Pre-site Inspection: Our team will need access to your yard to verify measurements, setbacks, and public utility locations.

Once the results of our inspection have been approved, construction will begin.

2. Set-Up: We will set the height of the pool based on the decking material selected and the slope of the deck and backyard. Having your final decking material selected (not including color) prior to this step is crucial.

3. Layout: Based on your drafted construction plan, we will use paint to outline your pool before any work begins. This gives you an opportunity to approve of the shape and position before we excavate.

4. Excavation: We will begin setting up for excavation- our excavation specifications include vertically excavated walls and flat floors, which create a safer, more enjoyable and spacious swimming pool than the industry norm.

  • The first installment of payment is due (40% of total amount + all changes up to this point)

ii. The Dig Begins

1. Installation of Equipment: Our plumbers, electricians, contractors, and builders will install all of the equipment that is needed for your pool.

  • Plumbing- pipes and drains are installed. You will notice at this point that the pipes are protruding out from the ground- these will be cut back near the end of construction
  • Form- steel rebar is installed in a grid pattern to reinforce the strength of the pool’s concrete shell
  • Electricity- standard electrical features such as LED pool lights, system controls, and timers will be placed
  • Contractors- any fencing needed around your backyard should be installed

2. Shotcrete Shell: The steps and benches are formed, spas take shape, and the pool begins to look like a pool. To add compaction strength to the concrete shell, our special mix of shotcrete tests to 4,000 psi, while industry standards are as low as 3,000 psi. The shell is a minimum thickness of six inches thick, and in coves and all stress areas, it’s a minimum of eight inches thick.

3. Masonry and Rock: We will begin installing boulders, waterfalls, and anything that must be done prior to the deck. It’s also a good time to complete any masonry such as barbecues, fire pits, pillars and equipment walls.

4. Tile: We will install all waterline tiles, step tiles, mosaics, and other tile-based features.

  • 2nd installment of payment is due (40% of total amount + all changes up to this point)

iii. Decking

1. Decking: We will build and complete your decking system

  • Concrete based decking will be formed and poured. Concrete based decks are typically quicker than alternative decking methods.
  • Alternative decking methods (i.e. pavers, travertine, and artistic pavers) will take a bit longer, as they require a formed border and compaction. These are more labor-intensive decking systems and will add AT LEAST one week onto the building process.

iv. Final Inspection & Interior Services

1. Final Inspection: After cleanup has occurred, we will call into your municipality to schedule the final inspection. All barriers such as fences, gates, springs, self-closing doors, etc. will need to be completed prior to this phase. The municipality will sign off on the project as complete and we will then schedule your interior.

2. Interior Surfaces: After final inspection and municipality sign-off, your interior matrix will be installed. Whether you have chosen plaster or a pebble product you are only days away from swimming.

v. Orientation & Education

1. Set-Up: Once your interior has been installed, our Start-Up Crew will do any final tweaks necessary for your pool to begin functioning.

  • Third and installment of payment is due (10% of total amount + all changes up to this point)

2. Orientation: An orientation will be scheduled between you and a Basin employee. During this orientation, you will learn how to care for and operate your pool. You will also be given a pole, basket, brush, and test kit in order to maintain your pool’s health.

3. Landscaping: Any final landscaping will be completed, and your pool will be ready for you to enjoy!