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Transform your Brentwood backyard into a breathtaking retreat with Basin Pool Designs, Brentwood’s top choice for high-end custom pools. As the leading pool designer in Middle Tennessee, we specialize in creating exquisite, personalized outdoor living spaces that reflect your unique vision and lifestyle.

Why Choose Basin Pool Designs?

Tailored Designs:

With nearly 20 years of experience enriching homes across Middle Tennessee, our team excels in crafting elegant and functional pool designs that are customized to your specific preferences. Whether you desire a modern, sleek pool or a classic, resort-style oasis, we bring your vision to life.

Innovative Technology:

Visualize your future pool with our state-of-the-art 3D modeling technology. This cutting-edge tool allows you to see exactly how your custom pool will enhance your property, providing a clear and detailed preview of the final result.

Unmatched Craftsmanship:

At Basin Pool Designs, quality is our hallmark. We use the finest materials, including #4 Grade 60 Steel and 4000psi shotcrete, ensuring your pool is built to last. Our meticulous attention to detail and superior construction standards guarantee a stunning and durable addition to your home.

Our Services

Custom Pool Design:

Our design process starts with a thorough consultation to understand your vision and requirements. We then create a detailed, 3D rendering of your custom pool, allowing you to visualize the final result before construction begins. This all-in-one design service helps avoid the pitfalls of disjointed processes, ensuring a smooth transition from concept to construction.

Pool Construction:

Our commitment to excellence shines in our build phase, where your design comes to life through meticulous craftsmanship. We employ the finest materials and adhere to superior construction standards, ensuring every pool is a hallmark of quality and durability. From groundbreaking to the final layout, watch as your backyard transforms into an oasis.

Enjoyment and Longevity:

Our pools are designed for ease of maintenance and lasting enjoyment. With comprehensive support and easy access to maintenance resources, we ensure your luxurious pool remains pristine and enjoyable for years to come.

Serving Brentwood and Surrounding Areas

Basin Pool Designs is proud to serve homeowners in Brentwood and the greater Nashville area. Our reputation for excellence and personalized service makes us the preferred choice for custom pool building in Brentwood.

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